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YaxiTaxi fashion captures attention thanks to its original signature. It is worn by spirited women, who want to stand out and show their personality with a refined model. YaxiTaxi brand oversteps borders of fashion cliche and doesn´ t concern itself with trends. It´ s based on thoughtful cuts and high quality materials. It will charm you with its timelessness and a pinch of sassiness.

Visit our boutique in Prague

Visit us in our YaxiTaxi boutique on Masarykovo nábřeží 8, Prague 2. We are located right opposite the Manes Art Gallery. Find the latest collections of design clothes and our skilful team in our store. You might not find all the pieces from the web gallery in store. Contact us via email to see if they´ re still available. If you want to discuss your wishes directly with the designer Zuzana, she will be happy to attend to you on Thursdays.

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Design clothes

YaxiTaxi sucessfully and unreservedly escapes short-term mass trends and fashion dictates of both society and big commercial brands. It keeps its distance from chain reactions of designers assimilating to commerce regardless of basic value attributes of their brands. On top of original cuts, YaxiTaxi ensures high quality materials and presents the most suitable combinations of individual products. Such design piece can´ t be missing in your closet!

What our customers say about our models?

Beautiful, great boutique, beautiful dresses (I bought one piece, hooray) and other pieces, absolutely original handbags, whose design was appreciated even by the guys :). And smiley Zuza to top it over. If you want a spiffy original, hurry up over here.


I like original style that stands out from the crowd. I like combining different materials when sewing, eg denim with lace etc. This shop is amazing for me, this is what fashion should look like.


My biggest appreciations for the incredible atmosphere, one has to experience it!
Smiles, openmindedness, humour, decency, simply the “heart team”.


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